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12x210mm Diagonal Cut White Paper Straw (Individually Wrapped) - 2000 Pcs

SKU: GEP20OFS0016-2000
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🌱 Tough, durable, extra-wide boba straws made from biodegradable paper

💪 12mmx210mm Ideal for milkshake, milk tea, boba tea, juice, any drink

🚫 Free from harmful chemicals or toxins, promoting health and safety

👍 Individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience 

💰 Cost-effective solution with bulk order of 2000 pieces

 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Our straws will last for hours in all kinds of iced and frozen drinks without unraveling or getting soggy


  • Item Name
    12mmx210mm Single Pack Paper Straw (White)
  • Case Pack
    2000 (100Pcs x 20Pack)
  • Material
  • Dimension
    0.5x8.27" (1.2x21cm)
  • Package Weight
    19.51lb (8.85kg)
  • Package Size
    20" x 15.4" x 20.9"(51 x 39 x 53 cm)
  • Ti x Hi