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What's the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order amount for pre-order is $300. 

Can I combine in-stock and pre-order items?

Absolutely yes! You can:
- Create two distinct orders: one including items available in stock and the other including items in pre-order. The one including available items will be dispatched in accordance with our shipping times policy.
- Place a combined order and wait for the items in pre-order to arrive. In this case, the whole order will be held and dispatched entirely.
- Contact our Customer Care for further information on pre-order products.

How long will it take to receive my pre-order?

Waiting times vary from article to article. Usually, the estimated waiting time is of 90 working days from the date of receiving the order. Once the item is available in our warehouse, your order will be dispatched within two days.
Please keep in mind that if you placed an order containing a pre-order item, the entire order will be on hold and dispatched at once.

How much is the shipping fee?

For our local customers, we can deliver your order free when arrive. Or you can feel free to pick them up if that's convenient for you.

If you are not suitable for local delivery, we will arrange a shipment through third-party carriers, your shipping fee will be calculated and charged while you place the order.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

Changed your mind? Yes, you may cancel your order up until the item enters the shipping process, in general, 10 days after placing the order. To cancel an order, please contact us with your order number, our Customer Care will help you.

Can I return my pre-order after delivery?

The Pre-Order products are unique orders for you. So once it enters the shipping process, it cannot be canceled or returned. Please check our Return & Refunds Policy for more information.

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