Deli Container

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Microwavable deli containers are our company’s featured products. It is not only suitable for the restaurant to pack the delivery food, but also convenient for grocery stores to pack fresh fruits and vegetables, even the candies and snacks. The clear lids provide excellent product visibility to help customers identify the contents. Meanwhile, our company still carries eco-friendly paper deli containers for the stores who pursue the environmental concept. Various sizes make your meal prep easier and faster, to help you stay on track with healthy eating habits.

When customers can't get enough of your homemade chicken noodle soup, stews, pasta, and baked beans, let them take it home in this translucent deli container! Great for delis, salad bars, or restaurant take-out applications, this container is designed for transporting, storing, and then reheating hot food items. Your customers will appreciate being served a sturdy container that won't leak and will keep their leftovers or deli purchases secure during the ride home!