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Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations 

As of December 20, 2022, the manufacture and import for sale in Canada of checkout bags, cutlery, foodservice ware, stir sticks, and straws (i.e., straight straws), as defined in the Regulations, will be prohibited´╝łthe link of the regulation will be at the end of the blog´╝ë. HD BioPak understands you still have questions regarding this policy. So, here we are to explain how it could affect us, and most importantly, you!

What are the deadlines for single-use plastics in Canada?

single-use plastics policy hd biopak

What kinds of food packaging will be affected in Canada?

single-use plastics policy hd biopak

How is it going to affect clients like you?

If you run a business and you need a food packaging solution that contains the following materials, it is time to  say goodbye to traditional packaging and switch to better alternatives. You can still buy and use by the end of next year. However, it might not be easy to find lots of suppliers due to the ban of importing. Also, the price might be higher due to basic economics of supply and demand.

single-use plastics policy hd biopak
single-use plastics policy hd biopak

How is it going to affect HD BioPak?

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As most of our clients already know the regulations on single-use plastics was published earlier on June 22, 2022, HD BioPak has unlisted most of the above mentioned single-use plastics since then, including, plastic cutleries, check-out bags, etc. We will not import by the end of the first deadline, and will end the sales  of  the the above mentioned plastics by the end of the next year, basically clearing all the inventory.

Any alternatives? Feel free to check out our collections´╝ü

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For more details of the regulations, please refer to the Canadian government website here.