Will drinking hot coffee from paper cups harm your health?

Will drinking hot coffee from paper cups harm your health?

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White paper cup with black lids


Disposable paper cups are made from wood pulp and then processed into paper containers. There are two kinds of paper cups in general, wax-coated paper cups and PE laminated paper cups.


    1. Wax-coated paper cups


    Wax-coated paper cups are coated with a layer of wax on the inside paper cups to isolate the food or water inside the cup from direct contact with the paper container and are now generally used as cold drink cups.


    People usually believe that wax-coated paper cups can not be filled with hot drinks, as the wax layer will melt and mix into the drink and affecting health. But in fact, most qualified wax-coated paper cups are non-toxic, editable, and insoluble in water. There’s no need to be alarmed if not often used. The greatest safety risk for use of wax-coated paper cups is when the wax layer gradually melts after filling with hot water, the cup wall will be softened and may cause spills.


    2. PE laminated paper cups


    PE stands for polyethylene, which is odorless, non-toxic, and wax-like making it the safest chemical in food processing. PE paper cups are covered with a layer of PE lamination on the inside of the cup, which is waterproof and oil-proof in most circumstances. Its melting point is between 120° - 140°, so it does not dissolve in boiled water and is safer to use.


    Most of the disposable paper cups on the market are single-layer PE laminated paper cups, that is, only the inner wall of the paper cup has a laminated film, but not the outer wall.


    Single wall PE paper cups are not recommended for cold drinks, as cold drinks can easily cause condensation on the outside of the cup, which will soften the cup, resulting in water spills.


    Here’s a quick guide and tips:

    Cold Cup


    Suitable for cold soda, ice cream, and iced drinks

    Hot Cup

    Single PE Laminated

    Suitable for hot milk, coffee, and hot drinks


    • Do not mix cold and hot paper cups.


    • Both types of paper cups are not suitable for alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is highly permeable and can easily lead to leakage.


    • Do not use disposable paper cups repeatedly

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