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Programme de parrainage

Together, We Grow!

Referral Program $ 100

At HD BioPak, we believe that the best way to grow our business is through word of mouth, and we want to reward our loyal clients for helping us spread the word.

Together, We Grow!


HD BioPak Referral Program Process1

Step One

Spread the word to any foodservice businesses you know, restuarant, bakery, supermarket or cafe, or bubble tea stores.

HD BioPak Referral Program Process2

Step Two

Reply to this email  or online@hdbiopak.com with the brand(s) or name(s) of the business you refer. 1 referral equals $ 100.

HD BioPak Referral Program Process3

Step Three

Claim $100 store credit. We will send you a confirmation email ASAP  when your referral makes an order.

Together, We Grow!

  • Competitive Price
  • Quality Packaging products
  • Brand Reputation
  • Top-notch Customer Service
  • Different Shipping Options
  • Large Stock
  • Product Variety
  • Custom Design
  • Innovative Products

Proud to be Your Supplier HD BioPak