The Ultimate Guide to Cold Drink Cups for Smoothie and Juice Bars and more

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Choosing the Right Size and Material

Choosing the right cold drink cups for your juice bar can seem like an overwhelming task at first as there is a large variety of drinkware available in the market. From simple drinking glasses to modern bubble tea cups with lids, you have a lot of options to consider.

The good thing is that HD BioPak has taken on the mission of revolutionizing the drinkware industry by providing a large collection of different types of cold drink cups under one roof so that all the smoothie and juice bar owners can find the right cup for their business.

So, let's dive into the key factors you should consider to choosing the right size and material for cold drink cups:

Analyze Your Customers

The requirements of your target customers should form the very foundation of your business. You must analyze your customer’s requirements and expectations to ensure your business model and choices, including drink cups, are as per the preferences of your customers.

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Your Menu

The menu of your juice bar is another key factor that affects the size and material of the cup suitable for your business. For example, if your menu primarily has milk, tea, coffee, and other such hot beverages, 24oz PP Clear Boba Tea Cups will be suitable for your business.

On the other hand, if you want to serve cold beverages to your customers in an attractive and safe manner, you should get cups made of clear PET plastic material. Hence, considering what exactly is on the menu is vital to selecting the right material for the cups. 


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Size of the Drinks

Other than the drink type, it is also important to consider the quantity of each drink you are offering to the customers. Generally, a 24oz cup is suitable for large soda drinks while a 16oz (500 ml) cup is suitable for milk tea.

These factors show that before you start selecting the right cups for your drink business, you must have a clear vision in mind regarding the menu and the type and sizes of the drinks you are going to offer to your customers.

Generally, most smoothie and juice bars have drinks in varying quantities and options, such as large, medium, and small. In such a situation, it is recommended that you buy different types of cups for your business and make your customers happy by serving their drinks in the right type of cup.


Since most of us live a very fast-paced life, it is common to have drinks on the go. Therefore, choosing the right cup type is not enough for drink businesses. Instead, it is also important to find sealable cups for juice bars, so that you can offer sealed cups to your customers and help them enjoy their drinks on the go.

At HD BioPak, we have a large collection of sealable cups, including strawless PET clear sip lids, PET clear slot dome lids, and many others. So, you should definitely use such cups for your business to reach more customers and potentially enhance your profits.


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With so much competition in the food and drinks industry, it is only logical that you have some sort of branding on your cups, containers, or lids.  With HD BioPak's custom-printed packaging options, you can customize the cups with lids as per your design, brand colors, image, and even size and quantity.


Choosing the right type, size, and material of cold drink cups for your juice bar is definitely an important step in ensuring the success of your business. By considering the steps and products discussed in this article, you can definitely enhance your chances of impressing customers with cups that are not only highly functional and comfortable but also visually appealing.