What Happens to Other Plastic Bags After the SUPPR in Canada?

What Happens to Other Plastic Bags After the SUPPR  in Canada?

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The Canadian government has enacted the Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations (SUPPR) as part of its overall strategy to fight pollution. The goal is to eradicate plastic waste by 2030 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing and banning clear food bags.

The regulations prohibit everyday objects, including ring carriers, stir sticks, harmful plastics, cutlery, and single-use plastic bags purchased at the register. This guide shall explain where you can buy single-use plastic flexible bags from and how bio bags are good for the environment in return, encourage sustainability and a clean atmosphere. However, that does not mean plastics are no use anymore.  In this article, we would like to explore what plastic bags mean to individual consumers as well as businesses. 

Where To Buy Plastic Bags?


A wide variety of clear plastic bags are available to meet shoppers' needs with varying budgets and preferences. Retailers, including supermarkets, department shops, and warehouse clubs, often have a range of sizes for plastic bags. You may get wholesale plastic bags at these stores, from strong garbage bags to everyday shopping bags. On the other side, you can also buy these bags from the following popular manufacturers in Canada:

  • HD BioPak
  • Big box retailers
  • Ecommerce website
  • Local grocery stores.

High-quality clear food bags are a good investment because they last a long time and aren't bad for the environment. Making high-quality bags of recycled materials helps reduce landfill waste and the need for new plastics. Moreover, the multi-purpose design of these bags greatly decreases the need for disposable plastics and additionally, sustainable bulk plastic bags are good for the environment since they are made using eco-friendly procedures, which reduce pollution and resource loss.

Additionally, investing in long-lasting bags may save money and reduce plastic waste. This is because you will have to replace them less often. Moreover, there has been a change towards sustainability and high-quality construction, in line with worldwide initiatives to reduce single-use plastics and encourage eco-conscious lifestyle choices.

Does Plastic Product Cost More After The Single-Use Plastic Regulation?


Since reusables may save money over time, they are best used for long-lasting, sturdy products. A study found that changing to reusables helps schools save around $23,000 in three years. These savings would still be achieved, even after accounting for a 20% loss in Years 2 and 3. So, it has always been better to use bio bags instead of single-use plastic bags. On the other hand, due to the disruption of supply chain in plastic manufacturing, there is a higher chance that plastic products will be more costly in the future. 

Types Of Plastic Bags For Business Operations And Daily Use


Plastic bags have many commercial and household applications. They also come in various colors, sizes, and strengths so that you can choose the perfect one.

Black Garbage Bags

They are used for general waste, recycling, and specific types of waste management. Some specific-purpose garbage bags are given below.

35x50 X-Strong Black Garbage Bag

  • Quality: long-lasting, very sturdy, and resistant to rips.
  • Purpose: It facilitates the management of substantial quantities of commercially generated waste, construction debris, and other difficult materials.

35x50 X-Strong Clear Garbage Bag (100 pcs)

  • Quality: Extra strong, transparent for visibility, and durable.
  • Purpose: These bulk plastic bags are ideal for recycling where visibility of contents is necessary and for heavy-duty waste in offices or commercial environments.

26x36 X-Strong Clear Garbage Bag

  • Quality: Extra strong and transparent.
  • Purpose: It is used for moderate to heavy waste and is ideal for office recycling bins or home use where monitoring the contents is beneficial.

26x36 Strong Black Garbage Bag

  • Quality: Strong, puncture-resistant, and opaque.
  • Purpose: It is suitable for general waste in households, small businesses, or offices with moderate waste.

26x36 Regular Black Garbage Bag

  • Quality: Standard strength and opaque.
  • Purpose: Used for regular household waste, offices, or light commercial waste that doesn't require heavy-duty bags.

Bakery Bags


Bakery clear food bags manufactured from food-grade plastic are essential for any business selling baked products. They should be able to seal tightly to keep products fresh, be transparent to show off the contents and close securely (with adhesive strips or twist ties, for example). Products that meet our criteria for food safety are easy to use, and long-lasting are ideal.

Compostable Bin Bags


When disposing of organic waste, we utilize compostable bin liners that break down naturally. The bulk plastic bags must be made from cornstarch or another biodegradable substance and meet composting criteria like ASTM D6400. They must be sturdy enough to contain wet trash without ripping, which is important for commercial and domestic customers. However, please be aware that some of the compostable bin bags may also be banned In Canada in the future due to change of policies. 

Grocery Plastic Produce Bags


Grocery stores often store fruits and vegetables in transparent, lightweight plastic bags like the LDPE Roll Bag 12x20 or the LDPE Plastic Bag 8.5x13. These bags should be strong enough to support a range of objects without shattering and easily disposable. Products of superior quality include tear-away perforations, a see-through design that facilitates product identification, and a long lifespan.

Zip-Lock Pouch


Reusable bags like zip lock bags and pouches make food storage, organization, and moisture and air protection easier. The ideal material for these zip-lock clear plastic bags to help avoid leaks is long-lasting polyethylene with a tight seal. The most important features for everyday use at home or in the office are an adjustable-sizing zip-lock bag with a strong zipper and a see-through design. So, always keep these strong and quality zip lock bags from HD BioPak at home.

How Much Does It Affect Our Nature?


There is an endless list of ways in which plastic bags damage ecosystems:

  • Instead of decomposing entirely, plastic bags undergo photodegradation, creating tiny plastic particles that trap contaminants and contaminate the environment.
  • Sun-decomposed wholesale plastic bags discharge harmful chemicals into the environment.
  • Greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere during the manufacturing and disposal of plastic bags in landfills.
  • If microplastics from bulk plastic bags get up in the food chain, they may fool large fish into thinking they're eating food. It might also decline the quality of the water.
  • Plastic clear food bags negatively impact ecosystems for several reasons, such as habitat loss, emissions from fossil fuels, and plastic trash.
  • Tragic animal fatalities occur every year due to fish ingesting hundreds of tons of plastic and deadly entanglements in clear plastic bags.
  • When there is a lot of plastic bio bag collection, drainage systems may be clogged as well.

One tactic to lessen the environmental impact of moving to biodegradable and compostable solutions is to decrease garbage and pollution in landfills. While single-use plastics are often criticized for their environmental impact, non-single-use plastics offer valuable benefits to businesses and consumers. These durable plastics last longer, saving money by reducing the need for frequent replacements. Their versatility makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, from automotive parts to household goods. Businesses can reduce long-term costs and support sustainability, while consumers enjoy reliable, reusable items that cut down on waste. Embracing non-single-use plastics helps us move toward a more sustainable future with economic and functional advantages

What Does HD BioPak Have to Offer?


Thanks to our HD BioPak's competitive price, capability of sourcing and distributing internationally, many companies can easily take advantage of our plastic product collections.  We also regularly maintain the inventory, allowing customers to run smoothly and gain quick access to popular products. Our vast inventory satisfies various company needs, including zip-lock bags, clear plastic bags, garbage bags, produce bags, and much more.

We also empower lightning-fast shipping, which reduces potential downtime; your transaction will be processed and delivered instantly. With HD BioPak's wholesale prices, buying in bulk may save you a lot of money.

With warehouses in different parts of Canada, also in Seattle USA, we are sure that you will have a better shopping experience with HD BioPak in the future. 



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